Office of Sponsored Projects

Alfred University’s Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) assists faculty, staff, and students in obtaining and managing external grant and contract funding in support of the university’s mission of innovative research, excellent teaching, and public service. OSP also assists faculty, staff, and students in maintaining compliance with university, state, federal, and sponsor-specific policies and regulations.

OSP is charged with coordinating all solicitations for sponsored grants and contracts as well as the administration of those externally funded projects. While in many cases these funded projects involve some type of organized research, we also help administer external funding for other types of projects and activities, including but not limited to community outreach grants, curriculum development grants, and industry-funded scientific service contracts.

Sponsored grants and contracts are distinguished from gifts and donations. Sponsored grants and contracts always involve a written agreement between the university and the funding agency. This agreement represents the voluntary transfer of money or property by the agency in exchange for the performance of specifically enumerated services by the university. These services often include some form of financial and/or technical reporting by the recipient as to the actual use of the money or property provided. The agreement is enforceable by law, and performance is usually to be accomplished under time and fund-use constraints, with the transfer of support revocable for cause.

A gift or donation, which is the responsibility of University Relations, is an award made to an individual or the university with few, if any, requirements concerning how the money may be spent. Gifts and donations are voluntary and irrevocable transfers of money or property made by a donor without any expectation of or receipt of direct economic benefit or any other tangible compensation commensurate with the worth of the award.