Parent Association

Perhaps your child is just beginning to think about colleges, or has already toured and interviewed at several. Perhaps you have a child at Alfred University and are already part of the Alfred family. In any case, it's important for you to know about the Parents Association!

As an Alfred parent, you are automatically a member of the Parents Association. The association consists of parents who like to help other parents, and ultimately benefit all students and the University community. We're best described by our mission and goals. There are no dues, and all parents are welcome to participate in our meetings.

Parents Advisory Board

An important component of the Alfred University Parents Association is the Parents Advisory Board. The mission of the Advisory Board is: to provide feedback and suggestions related to AU Parents Programs and help determine future direction; to serve as a resource to prospective and current AU parents in terms of student academic life and life within the University community; to provide valuable input to AU administration when a parents "point of view" is needed; and to assist the Director of Parent Programs and President of the Parents Association as needed in project planning and development. The Parents Advisory Board meets during Fall and Spring Family Weekends each year and on an "as needed" basis. Parents interested in serving on the advisory board should contact Bonnie Dungan, Director of Parent Programs at 607-871-2612.

Mission Statement

The Alfred University Parents Association exists to promote and enhance opportunities for parents of Alfred University students; to communicate, participate, and establish a sense of community with one another and with the faculty, staff, and administration of Alfred University.


The goals of the Alfred University Parents Association are as follows:

  • To insure open, person-to-person channels of communication between parents and the University so that:
    • Parents can find, or be directed to, reliable information about University policies and procedures, University and community happenings/issues, and other aspects of life or events in Alfred that may affect their students
    • Parents have ample opportunity to express their views and concerns to University administration
  • To give parents opportunities to meet, become acquainted, and to discuss topics of mutual interest or concern both at Alfred and in their home areas.
  • To enable parents to participate in the life of the University by sharing the benefit of their expertise or their personal and professional associations with the University, its students, and one another. This sharing can take place through volunteer opportunities such as:
    • Participating in Parents Association committees
    • Serving as regional points of contact for other parents and students
    • Attending regional Alumni-Parents events
    • Identifying job placement or summer internship opportunities for Alfred students or graduates (Contact Career Development Center for details.)
    • Identifying and encouraging promising students to consider Alfred University

If you want to be a part of this important role, all you need to do is contact the Director, of Summer & Parent Programs and we will add you to our list as an active member. Again, there are no dues associated with this and we are very much open to and want you to share your views, ideas, etc.