AU People

AU People Jamie Marie Combs ’05, ’08, found the perfect job for her, one that combines her interest in both English and accounting, working as an accountant and editor for Fletcher/CSI (that’s Competitive Sales Intelligence, not Crime Scene Investigation!) in Williston, VT. After earning a degree in English in 2005, Jamie decided she wasn’t “quite done with school yet,” so she stayed in Alfred, earning a degree in accounting in 2008. And even then, she still wasn’t ready to leave, so she stayed in Alfred as a member of the summer crew. “After that, I moved back home with my parents and started getting more serious about applying for jobs,” said Jamie. “ I went on more interviews than I can remember. The job market was pretty tight and I wasn’t having much luck. So I started applying for anything and everything that caught my eye- full or part time. I got a job stocking shelves at Toys R Us in Williston, VT, to pay for the gas I was using in my job search. Eventually I applied for a part time accounting job at a research firm. They called me back and said that they were impressed with my resume and, because of my English experience, they wanted to hire me full time- to be part accountant, and part editor. Of course I said yes. I never imagined that I’d be able to combine both of my very different majors so directly. “ Jamie describes Alfred as a “small, friendly university. The small classes and the knowledgeable professors helped give me confidence and teach me to analyze information and reach my own conclusions.” Her advice to students: “Take classes that encourage you to think for yourself. Take classes that give you room to grow creatively and give you confidence. Some of the degrees that companies in the Competitive Intelligence field look for are: English, History, Economics, Marketing, Journalism, Political Science.”