AU People

AU People Lincoln Steele ’08 is a geophysicist/geologist for the Blackhawk Geophysics Division of Zapata Engineering in Golden, CO. Using his majors in Environmental Studies and Geology, Lincoln is doing seismic surveys and UXO detection for a variety of clients. “The seismic work mostly relates to pre-development along with gas and mineral exploration,” Lincoln explains. “The UXO (Unexploded Ordinance) work focuses on cleaning up old military testing ranges, in some pretty remote locations including Guam, Alaska, and Hawaii.” He applied for the job in June 2008, right after graduating from AU, and started work in December. What gave him an edge in the interview process, he believes, are the presentation skills he learned at Alfred. “The single most important career development tool I learned while at Alfred was to be able to stand up in front of a group and speak with complete confidence and character,” says Lincoln. “This skill is most likely the reason I was hired for my current job. My interview skills were developed through four years of class presentations in most of my ENVS classes. By the time I was a senior, presenting a topic to the class was second nature to me. These are some of the most valuable skills in searching for a job; however they are not just taught to you, they need to be developed over time.”