AU People

AU People Laura Lea Miller, a 1987 Alfred University alumna, earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in General Studies, while Charles Miller, also a 1987 Alfred University alumnus, earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Ceramic Engineering. Currently, Laura works as a freelance travel writer and is also the director of Travel Insights Group, in Orchard Park, NY. Charles is the president of Harper International Corporation, in Lancaster, NY. For Laura, the marketing and business classes at AU played an integral role in the development of her career as a freelance travel writer. “My experience at AU taught me the importance of perseverance, determination, and how to work well with others.” For Charles, the research and development aspect of ceramic engineering played a key role in the early parts of his career. “The classes I took provided the background necessary to create and develop innovative products and processes, all of which still play an important role in what I do to this day.” Laura and Charles both agree that one of their fondest memories of AU is all of the friendships they made in their four years. Charles became close with his fraternity brothers at Delta Sigma Phi and Laura formed a bond with the friends that she made her freshman year. Their other great memory is of course meeting each other and remaining inseparable ever since. Laura advises current or future students to “make the most out of your time at Alfred, both academically and socially.” Charles’s advice is to remember that “what you do now affects the rest of your life - make wise decisions, work hard and set goals for yourself.”