AU People

AU People Nicole Rademacher received her MFA in electronic integrated arts from Alfred University in 2008. Before attending Alfred she received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and lived abroad in both France and Spain. Nicole regards her two years in Alfred's graduate program as pivotal to her career. She credits Alfred for providing the serene setting necessary to focus and develop her practice. In addition to strengthening her artistic techniques, she also gained further experience as an educator assisting the School of Art & Design by instructing foundations classes and teaching non-art majors photography. "Don't let the cold stifle you! Use the cold weather to delve into your practice. Let it inspire you," is her advice to students. Additionally, while at Alfred she initiated and organized the university's participation in the LOOP Video Art Festival in Barcelona, Spain. She continues to maintain that relationship for the university by organizing and co-curating the student videos. She curates work and participates in festivals and exhibitions worldwide. Currently Nicole lives in Santiago, Chile where she has again immersed herself into the local art scene abroad. "Being a foreigner forces you to re-examine your work and your culture."