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AU offers students a 'Best Buy' education according to Fiske Guide to Colleges 2016

Alfred University (AU) has been named a “Best Buy” nationally among 24 private institutions listed in the just-released “Fiske Guide to Colleges Best Buys of 2016.” The University has been included in the publication consistently for more than 16 years.

The guide notes all “Best Buy” schools fall into the inexpensive or moderate price category.

 But as Dr. Charles M. Edmondson, AU president said, “Value is about more than low cost. It is defined by what a student can experience and how much a student can grow because of the Alfred experience. Alfred University deserves this recognition because both its educational and residential programs are intended to enhance the overall talents of any student who is committed to intellectual and personal development,” he maintained.

Dr. Rick Stephens, provost and vice president for Academic Affairs added, “AU has demonstrated, via multiple measures and across nearly 180 years, that it is an institution of substance that creates true value added to the lives of our students and the communities they serve. We are pleased to be so recognized by the Fiske Guide to Colleges as such an institution.”

“Mr. Fiske’s stamp of approval is one of the highest independent endorsements a university can receive. What an honor and privilege to be recognized by Mr. Fiske in his authoritative guide on colleges,” said Jamie Marcus, AU’s Admissions director. “Being included in the 2016 Fiske Guide also helps to confirm what we have known for years. Alfred University provides an outstanding holistic education at a reasonable cost.”   

In its AU profile, the Fiske Guide highlights the University’s “unusual combination” of programs including the “nationally renowned college of ceramics, a school of art and design, an engineering program, and a business school wrapped up in a university of just over 2,000 students.” 

The Fiske Guide goes on to say: “Innovation not only shapes the curriculum, but also has a profound effect on campus life. Small classes and friendly competition support this diversity while encouraging individuals to succeed.”

The Fiske Guide continues to say “The university and its students share a no-nonsense approach to education …. Whatever their major, all students enjoy small classes and the quality of teaching is reported as high,” supported by the remark from an AU freshman that: “The teachers are very accessible and more than willing to help students with anything they need.”

The guide also reports “Most classes are taught by full professors, with graduate students and teaching assistants helping out only in lab sessions. The university stresses its commitment to helping undergrads plan their future, and the academic advising and career planning services are strong enough for Alfred to deliver on its promise. Students say faculty members really want to see them succeed, both in class and in the real world.”

The Fiske Guide maintains ceramic engineering is the academic cornerstone and the program that brings Alfred international recognition, adding there is a degree in renewable energy engineering. The art department, with its programs in ceramics, glass, printmaking, sculpture, video, and teacher certification, is also highly regarded, says the guide.

“The School of Art and Design offers a graphic design major in which students use the latest electronic and computer equipment. The business administration school also gets good reviews from students and provides undergraduates with work experience through a small business institute where students have real clients,” continues the AU profile in the Fiske Guide.

Also of note, according to the Guide: “The school has two dining halls, and students say the offerings include plenty of selections for vegetarians and vegans. “The dining facilities are very nice and well equipped, and the food is both diverse and edible,” says a junior.

Finally, campus security is good, according to most students, adds the “Fiske Guide to Colleges Best Buys of 2016.”