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Alum Rebekah Modrak to Join Nick Tobier at Cohen Gallery

Artwork of 'A Day's Work' will be on display at the Cohen Gallery begining March 1.

Artwork of 'A Day's Work' will be on display at the Cohen Gallery begining March 1.

Alfred Univesity alumna Rebekah Modrak ’92 and Nick Tobier will present A Day’s Work at Alfred University’s Cohen Gallery beginning Wednesday, March 1 and continuing through April 1. The joint show features distinct but related bodies of work that will challenge viewers’ social expectations. A closing reception for both artists will be held on April 1.

Modrak’s installation, Re Made Co., is a multimedia artistic intervention satirizing the brand narrative of Best Made Co., a New York City-based company that sells painted axes and a range of outdoor consumer products using calculated and false associations with manual labor. Evolving since its launch in July 2013, Re Made Co. works across several genres: Fluxus art, whose distribution channels circumvent and subvert the gallery system; critical design that challenges the values of design practice; and activist art, or “culture jamming,” which attempts to introduce a critical discourse into passive consumption. Re Made Co. encompasses multiple facets of communication (website, Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, emails, blogs, magazines and legal documents) to plot the course of the artwork in real time in response to browser comments and Best Made Co.’s updates, posts and instigations.

Re Made Co. at Cohen Gallery will create a storefront space on Main Street in Alfred with both the products and the critique of luxury consumer culture that seeks to appropriate the work of labor.

Tobier will conduct performances in the gallery and in the community during the month of March. He will present Marvelous Guests, which lends new working conditions and meanings to several trades by inviting professionals to conduct their business in unusual locations – as guests. Each encounter will produce its own forms of communication on location. We will see the relationship between guest and host as dynamic, and not without friction, as each adjusts to the other. Much like an oyster, our guest is perhaps the catalyst who needs a host in order to make a pearl. The process may begin with an irritant, a persistent question, but ultimately a marvelous new relationship will evolve.

Both artists taught at the School of Art and Design at Alfred University before joining the faculty at the Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where they currently live and work.

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