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Graduates of Women's Leadership Academy take a leading role

The 2017 graduates of the Women's Leadership Academy

The 2017 graduates of the Women's Leadership Academy

A group of students who have made their mark on Alfred University are the 2017 graduates of the Women’s Leadership Academy.


 These young women have worked hard and improved the campus through their capstone projects, including Pine Hill trail improvement, recruitment of Cohort IX, planning the Academy Graduation ceremony, and raising funds for Planned Parenthood, as well as next semester’s Women’s Conference, “Take the Leading Role,” focusing on how performing arts positively impact leadership skills.


  This year’s cohort means we now have 122 Women’s Leadership Academy graduates out there in the world doing great things with their Alfred University degrees. Cohort XII has just been selected and we’re ready to welcome them next year as beginning Academy women.


Photo above: The graduates are, front, from left: Lindsay Piraino, Rhianna Heyneman, Jordan Simpson, Tizita Zerfu, Kellin Jansen, and

Back row left to right:  Joyce Parker, Nurila Kambar, Elisabeth Estep, Elizabeth Garcia-Ortiz, Melina Sanchez