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Alfred University's Baja racer finishes 25th in international competition

Alfred University's Baja racer competes (Photo by Yash Parmar)

Alfred University's Baja racer competes (Photo by Yash Parmar)

Alfred University’s Baja racer more than held its own in a field crowded with much-larger schools and engineering programs, finishing 25th in a field nearly 100 teams from colleges and universities around the world. It was Alfred’s best finish since it began entering the competition, sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers.

As Jacob Tatlock wrote about his experience:

“The SAE Baja competition consists of 4 days of various events. On the first day of competition I only had to go to an engine check. This was quick and easy once the team and I had gotten the car reassembled after transportation. On the second day, we had to go through technical inspection, which is known to be the most stressful part of any SAE event. On our first attempt through technical inspection, one of the judges did not approve of some of the members of our frame. In order to fix these issues, the team and I had to come up with a plan to accommodate the inspector’s requests in a very quick time frame. The fix required cutting out old frame members as well as welding in new frame members. This experience alone at competition showed me how you can be faced with difficult challenges with very tight time frames, but if you work as a team can overcome those issues with ease.

“After the changes were made to the frame, we breezed through technical inspection the next morning. Once we were passed technical inspection, it was time to race. The next two days consisted of many different dynamic events. All and all, after the four days of competition, our team came in 25th overall out of roughly 100 teams from around the world (Alfred’s best finish in history).

The crew that went to competition included: Jake Tatlock, Ben Kline, Kyle Knotowicz, Cam Martineau, Austin Enders, Zach Zgardzinski, Caryl Koch, Connor Mann, Yash Parmar and Gunner Brennan.

Captains were Tatlock, Kline, Knotowicz, Martineau, Enders and Zgardzinski.


Other members are:  Desirae Barnhart, Josh Logan, Brett McMichael, Lenny Darcy, Casey Kelly, Lee Kerwin, Sebastian Russo, Richard Schmidt, Mike St. Louis, Brendan Tierney, Jacob Whitney, and Matt Zandri.