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Scott Brenner '84 elected new Alumni Council president

Scott Brenner '84

Scott Brenner '84

Alfred University alumnus Scott Brenner '84 has been elected president of the Alfred University Alumni Association.

Alfred University President Mark Zupan:

Please join me in congratulating Scott Brenner ’84 on his election to a three-year term as our next Alumni Council president. We are immensely grateful for his willingness to help in such an important leadership capacity with our efforts to strengthen the Alfred University network and thereby the transformative impact that our University has on its students and thereby the broader world. Please also join me in thanking Elizabeth Reina ’02 for her dedicated service as our Alumni Council president the past three years.

Fiat Lux!



Note from Scott Brenner: 

Dear friends and colleagues: 

For those who had a chance to visit Alfred University for last weekend's reunion, it was great to see you and spend time remembering some of the best days of our lives.  I especially enjoyed seeing my ZBT brothers and sisters as well as so many old friends from the other Greek houses and otherwise, all of which together are so intrinsically important to the history and culture of our alma mater.  

During our Alumni Council Meeting held that Friday, I was elected and given the honor of serving as your Alumni Council/Alumni Association President. The Alumni Council is essentially the body representing the interests of the Association to which all of you, upon graduation from Alfred University, are automatically members. 


By way of introduction, I attended AU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences as a Political Science/History major and graduated in 1984.  I went on from there to earn a Master’s Degree at Marist College in Public Administration (MPA, 1987), and from there a law degree at Brooklyn Law School (JD, 1990).  I currently practice commercial/corporate law in Manhattan.   I have been blessed to serve on the Council for several years in various capacities, most recently as its First Vice President, and have chaired various committees including those pertaining to Awards, Governance, and “Policies and Programs” (a task force initiated to explore the role of Council and how we can best work with AU toward strategic goals).

 The Council has always been led by a great group of dedicated volunteer professionals including Christine Kulp'72, Michael Christakis '99, Brad Berwald '00, and most recently, by Liz Reina '02, who, as a more recent AU graduate, brought tremendous energy and dedication to the table.  I greatly enjoyed working with Liz, and feel a debt of gratitude for her able leadership through a time of transition for both the Council and AU as whole. Our newly elected slate of officers are First Vice President, Jeff Scharl '15, Second Vice President, Kara Mackey-Dopman '88, Treasurer, Darryl Murray '78, Secretary, Roberta Auerbach '74, Archivist, Laurie McFadden '91, and Past President Ex-Officio, Elizabeth Reina '02.   

I am thrilled to be stepping forward as the new Council President at such an exciting time, and to be working with our new AU University President, Mark Zupan, as well as our new Vice President, University Relations, Jason Amore.  We also have an excellent mix of Alumni Council members and officers (all names will soon be posted on the AU website). 

I just cannot wait to get this party started!!  We are currently working on a new set of bylaws and formulating an agenda for moving our efforts forward.  From time to time I will be posting in E-news to keep our alumni community informed of our progress.  If anyone out there has an idea, a suggestion or proposal for an event, or would like to get in touch for any reason as a concerned alum, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or phone number, provided below.    

Fiat Lux !

Scott D. Brenner    

(203) 733-7753