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AU Confucius Institute Professors Present at UNESCO Health Forum

Dr. Wilfred Wang and Daisy Wu

Dr. Wilfred Wang and Daisy Wu

Dr. Wilfred Huang, Director of the Confucius Institute at Alfred University. and Daisy Wu, Associate Director of CIAU, recently attended the U.S.-China-Thai (UCT) Health Forum Talk Series hosted by UNESCO Association of New York and UCT International Culture Development Inc. The forum was held at the UNESCO exhibition center. Attending guests Yiling Li, president of the UNESCO Association of New York.

 Huang gave a speech describing Tai Chi, its basic theory and philosophy, and the effect of its practice on personal health. He also introduced the Alfred community group that has been practicing Tai Chi every morning at Alfred University for the past seven years.

 Wu introduced the “Harmony” theory supporting traditional Chinese music culture and the beneficial health influence of Chinese traditional music. She played a classic Guzheng music High Mountains and Flowing Water to demonstrate how music lets people relax.