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Alfred University alumni foreshadow the future through art and technology

Amy Karle '02 at FILE in Sao Paulo, Brazil, earlier this summer

Amy Karle '02 at FILE in Sao Paulo, Brazil, earlier this summer

Organizers of the Future Innovators Summit (FIS) think tank, part of the Ars Electronica Festival 2017, held Sept 7-10 in Linz, Austria, by coincidence invited Amy Karle and Ben Julian to be panelists. What the organizers did not realize at the time was that the two were classmates – both 2002 graduates of Alfred University’s School of Art  & Design – and that they are married to each other.

Amy, who attended Cornell University for independent study in biotechnology and industrial design and who has completed course work in parametric design, design computation, generative modeling, digital fabrication and architectural robotics at the California College of the Arts. She is CEO and principal artist/designer with Conceptual Art Technologies based in San Francisco. She was also an artist-in-residence at Pier 9.

Ben is an industrial designer whose work includes some of the “most technologically dynamic products that will shape our future,” according to FIS organizers. “His work has been shown by some of the most successful international design companies, including General Motors, Palm, HTC America, Incase, Hewlett Packard, Toyota and the Ford Motor Co. His design for Google X’s Self-Driving Car was the winner of the London Design Museum’s “Design of the Year” Award.   Ben is currently a digital designer for Nuro, Inc., a cutting-edge robotics start-up focused on autonomous transportation and based in Silicon Valley, California.

Amy is in New York this week, participating in New York Fashion Tech Week. She Is delivering a keynote talk, “Future Fashion: Automatization, Customization, Fabrication, Presentation."

Then she’s off to Hungary, where she will also deliver a keynote address, “Our Role in a Bionic Future,” as well as a separate artist talk at the Third Annual International Interdisciplinary 3D Conference. This year’s meeting, to be held in Pecs, Hungary, Oct. 5-6, focuses on the biomedical use of 3D printing.

Amy’s “Internal Collection,” garments based on anatomy made from technology, were exhibited in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from July 18-Sept. 3, part of the File Sao Paulo 2017 (FILE), which is described as “the largest festival of art and technology in Latin America.”

According to organizers, “One of the highlights of the event is undoubtedly the ‘Internal Dialogue Collection’ by American artist Amy Karle, who explores details of the human anatomy in clothing through high-tech sewing techniques such as 3d printing and laser cutting.”

Amy also gave a two-hour lecture at FILE, “Diagramming Bionic Futures: Creating the Material, Revealing the Spiritual.” In her talk, Amy discussed using new media to create art and design in an age where biological and technological systems merge.