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Share the ride? Alfred University Performing Arts is seeking tricycle or scooter for production

1950s vintage tricycle

1950s vintage tricycle

Have a large tricycle or two-wheel scooter you are willing to loan to the Alfred University Division of Performing Arts for an upcoming theatrical production?

Steve Crosby, professor of theater and director of an upcoming production of Eurydice, is searching for a “vintage (something from the ‘50s) larger tricycle or two-wheel scooter,” and he’s been scouring internet sites to no avail.

“We need it as soon as possible so the actor can get used to using it,” said Crosby. “The production opens on Nov. 15th, so time is getting tight.”  

Crosby said the division will cover the costs of transporting the tricycle or scooter to and from Alfred.

Those who have something they are willing to loan are asked to contact Steve Crosby by email at or by calling him at 607-871-2566.