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Alfred University alumna profiled by ‘Women in 3D Printing’…and the Italian edition of ‘Vogue’

Alfred University alumna Amy Karle, who earned a BFA degree in 2002, is profiled on the “Women in 3-D Printing” web site, and in the latest edition of Vogue published in Italy.

In her profile on the web site, Amy credits her educational background with giving her the mindset she needs to do her work now: “My educational background is in Art & Design and Philosophy. I was traditionally trained in form and function at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. I was on the art side of the school, and the other half is a traditional Ceramics Engineering / Materials Science school.

“At that time, we didn’t have 3D printing accessible in the ways we see it now, but my education groomed a mindset for using 3D printing and we definitely did a lot of additive manufacturing with clay! I also studied at Cornell University and originally went to school to be a genetic engineer and topologist, however when I understood more about my motivations, I switched to pursue Art & Design and Philosophy.”

Vogue’s article says “Today, contemporary fashion technicians push far beyond the boundaries of what we call wearable… emerging sectors in the field of wearable technology include the Biological-couture invented by Artist Amy Karle, who creates garments that have been baptized bionic fashion.”

Slides three and four depict Amy’s work.