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Alfred University alumna featured in Flash Art magazine

Alfred University alumna and artist Sondra Perry ’12 is featured in a recent issue of Flash Art, a bi-monthly magazine dedicated to contemporary art.

Perry was the subject of an article by Nora Khan, titled “No Safe Mode,” that appeared in the September/October issue of Flash Art. She is one of eight artists featured in the issue, which focuses on artificial intelligence.

“This edition divides its treatment of (artificial intelligence) according to theories of utopia and dystopia, of existence and consciousness, and of gender and identity,” according to a description of the September/October issue of Flash Art, found on the magazine’s website. “For each of our featured artists (artificial intelligence) serves as a problematic –– oscillating between visibility and invisibility –– that articulates the struggle to represent our changing selves through often hybrid approaches to new technologies.”

Khan’s piece on Perry is the cover story, with an image from Perry’s featured artwork, Graft and Ash for a Three Monitor Workstation (2016), gracing the magazine’s cover. Graft and Ash for a Three Monitor Workstation was part of Perry’s solo exhibition titled “Resident Evil,” which appeared last year at the Kitchen, in New York City. Earlier this year, the Seattle Art Museum awarded Perry its Gwendolyn Knight and Jacob Lawrence Prize, which is given biennially to an emerging black artist.

Perry earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Alfred University’s School of Art and Design, where she studied Expanded Media and Three Dimensional Studies. She received her MFA from Columbia University in 2015.