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Museum of Art & Design group visits Alfred Ceramic Art Museum

ALFRED, NY – A group from the Museum of Art & Design, New York City, recently visited Alfred University, where they took a tour of the Alfred Museum of Ceramic Art and went to galleries in the University’s School of Art and Design.

The group, led by Michele Cohen, Alfred University trustee and chairperson of Museum of Art & Design Board of Directors, visited the University Oct. 18. They got a sneak peak of the Ceramic Art Museum’s fall exhibitions with Wayne Higby, director and chief curator; met with artist Stanley Rosen (MFA Alfred ’56), whose retrospective exhibition Holding the Line is on view until Jan. 1; and enjoyed a gallery talk with Kelcy Chase Folsom, 2015-18 Turner Teaching Fellow at the New York State College of Ceramics, whose exhibition hereafter is on view at the museum.

After touring the museum gallery, the group took a guided tour of Museum Storage with the Curator of Collections and Director of Research Susan Kowalczyk. The group also visited Alfred University galleries, including the Robert C. Turner Student Gallery, the Fosdick-Nelson Gallery and the Cohen Gallery. Sculpture faculty Sarah Blood (assistant professor of glass), Karen Donnellan (assistant professor of glass), and Angus Powers (associate professor of glass) gave a cast glass demonstration and a tour of the Sculpture, Neon and National Casting Center facilities in Harder Hall.

The group ended its tour of Alfred with lunch with Alfred University President Mark Zupan.