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AU Fresh: Lots of good stuff cookin'

AU Fresh will send your student a care package from you.

AU Fresh will send your student a care package from you.

AU Fresh partners with Alfred University to provide food on campus; we are a family owned company and we do our best to provide the freshest foods, the most innovative culinary plan, a focus on sustainability and the ability to customize offerings.

The AU Fresh Team is here to take care of your student’s dietary needs; I encourage you to visit our website at to see all that we have to offer.  Below is a small sample of information that may help you and your student throughout each semester.

New Community Kitchen Space – We are very excited about a new dining and event experience which will be fully opened in January 2018!  We are committed to engaging with students, faculty, staff, and alumni in this yet-to-be-named space. Read more at


Special Diets – If your student has allergens or a medical condition that requires special meal items please let us know; you can email our Executive Chef Jason Milburn Ade Dining Hall has a Clarity station which is a concept designed around the eight major allergens. Managers and Chefs are available to help students navigate all of our stations to find what they are looking for in their diets.

Meal Plans – No meal plan works for everyone. If your student has too few (or an abundance) of Dining Dollars or Saxon Swipes, you have the option to change your plan in January.  See article on Residence Life.

Saxon Swipes – These are for meals in our retail operations; Powell Café, Art’s Spot, and MidKnight Express. Each plan has a block of Saxon Swipes for the semester, if not budgeted your student may run out prior to the end of the semester.  If this is the case refer to the next section on Fiat Bux.  You also may want to consider changing to the King Alfred Plan which has four Weekend Meals (just like Saxon Swipes) that are loaded each Saturday morning.  This gives them four meals for every weekend of the semester along with unlimited Ade Swipes Monday – Friday.

Fiat Bux – These are just like Dining Dollars with more buying power. Along with all of our retail operations and vending machines, they can be used for copies in the libraries, art stores in Harder and Binns-Merrill Halls, and in the campus bookstore.  They can be purchased at Powell Café, Art’s Spot, or MidKnight Express right at the registers, you can also call (607) 871-2332 to add these to your student’s meal card.  We are having a special starting after Thanksgiving Break – for every $50 purchased you receive an extra $5 in Fiat Bux – these carry over to the Spring 2018 Semester and expire on May 11, 2018.

Lost ID Cards - Students should report a lost or stolen card to Dining Services immediately, they can stop by Ade Dining Hall, Powell Café, Art's Spot, or MidKnight Express during regular business hours. Reporting a card lost or stolen allows us to invalidate the card so it cannot be used by anyone else.


Temporary Meals - Each dining location offers temporary meals until your son/daughter is able to replace their ID card (see below). They just complete a temporary meal form and will be able to get up to four meals in that location.  We won’t allow meal plan members to go hungry just because their card is missing.


Replacement ID Cards - You can get your ID card replaced at the Dining Services Office on the first floor of Ade Hall, Monday-Friday, 9:00-11:00 am, or by appointment - please call (607) 871-2247. There is a $10.00 charge for replacement ID cards, which can be paid by cash or charged to your student account.


Gifts From Home - This program is offered through AU Fresh and allows parents, family members and friends to stay connected to their student at Alfred through the gift of food. Whether it is a birthday celebration, mid-terms basket or a study buddy basket, we can help!

Go to to make a selection.

To place an order, call 607-871-2285 or email

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards.


Dining Advisory Board – We are looking for students who are interested in joining the Dining Advisory Board, this board looks beyond day-to-day operations and focuses on what the future will bring for the dining experience at Alfred University.  If your student is interested, please have them contact me at my info below.


If you ever have any concerns about dining services at Alfred University please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at or (607) 871-2034.


Thank you so much!

John J. Dietrich Jr.

Director, AU Fresh