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'Did You Know?' Fun Facts about Alfred University

Did you know….

Kanakadea Hall was built in 1884 as the village’s grammar school
The word “kanakadea” is from the Seneca language and means “where the earth meets the sky”
The “umbrella tree” in front of Powell Campus Center was planted circa 1905 and is a Camperdown Elm
The weathervane on top of Alumni Hall is original to the building (1851) and is shaped like a pen quill to represent that “the pen is mightier than the sword”
Since the university was opened in 1836 there have only been 14 presidents
In 1878 Alfred University was the first U.S. college/university to grant an honorary degree to a woman. Caroline Dall was chosen for her writings related to women’s labor and legal rights
Merrill Field had permanent lights installed in 1930 so the football team could play Saturday evening games (to avoid conflicting with the prevalent Saturday Sabbath kept by the local Seventh Day Baptist church)
In both World War One and World War Two, the Brick was converted to barracks to house soldiers in specialized training programs for the Army
The Terra Cotta building (by Alfred’s stoplight) was originally the office for the local terra cotta tile factory, located on the site of the McLane Physical Education building
Traffic Light Festivals were held in 2004 and 2014 to celebrate the 30th and 40th “birthdays” of Alfred’s one and only stop light
The University’s administration building Carnegie Hall was built in 1912 by Andrew Carnegie as an academic library
The student body selected royal purple and gold for the University’s official colors in 1874