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Gibbs Internship helps students explore careers

Kelley Staub '19 and Trustee Fred Gibbs '54 (Photo by Jill Crandall)

Kelley Staub '19 and Trustee Fred Gibbs '54 (Photo by Jill Crandall)

ByKelley Staub '19, a criminal justice major and current Gibbs Intern in the Career Development Center.

The Gibbs internship was created by Fredrick W. Gibbs, alumnus and Trustee of Alfred University. Mr. Gibbs felt it was necessary to designate one person to explore internship and co-op opportunities for students. Before starting the Gibbs internship, he realized that many students had no work experience as they were on their job searches. Without work experience, it was extremely difficult for these students to find jobs.  He created this position to help students find the knowledge they needed to obtain an internship/co-op that was right for them.

 I got the opportunity to meet Fredrick W. Gibbs for the first time last month, he really put into perspective what my internship entailed and what he expected out of it. Mr. Gibbs is an extraordinary man with so much knowledge and love for Alfred University and its students. As I was listening to Mr. Gibbs, the amount of passion he conveyed to me for my position really influenced me to go above and beyond in my daily duties. He expressed to me the importance the Career Development Center has for all the students and the reason he started this internship for students like myself. Mr. Gibbs feels strongly about giving every student an opportunity to find themselves through an internship/co-op that will lead them on the right career path.  He believes that the hands on experience can open doors to so many possibilities and future careers. I can only hope that I will meet his expectations and create as many opportunities as possible for Alfred students.

In my four months as the Gibbs intern, I have learned the importance of what an internship/co-op can do for a student. It has allowed me to work on my professional skills, time management, building networking contacts, and much more. I have learned a lot about myself and others while in this position. Being able to help students work toward their ultimate goal of receiving a full time job is beyond rewarding. My job as the Gibbs intern allows me to look into all different internship/co-op opportunities and display them for all students to see.  I do this by setting up bulletin boards, sending out newsletters, creating surveys, and helping with on campus career events.  I will then create end of the year reports to show how the internships/co-ops provided students opportunities to advance their careers. Internships/co-ops are a great way to give students the chance to learn more about their future careers, allowing them to work hands on in the field, and most importantly get a foot in the door for a future career. I cannot thank Fredrick W. Gibbs enough for the opportunity this internship provides me. It is truly a great experience for me to learn hands on skills as wells as help my fellow Saxons!

The Career Development Center can assist students with finding an internship. Students can go to http://alfred.joinhandsha... to start their search and schedule appointments.