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Alfred University alumnus Husted featured in Atomic Ranch magazine

Alfred University alumnus Wayne D. Husted is featured in the latest issue of Atomic Ranch, a magazine that celebrates mid-century homes.

Husted earned a BFA and a bachelor’s degree in English from Alfred University in 1952 and went on to earn his MFA in ceramic art from AU in 1955. He is featured in a story titled “The Man Behind the Glass” in Atomic Ranch’s 2017 Design Issue, which came out in December.

The story highlights Husted’s career, which began in 1952 at Blenko Glass Company in Milton, WV, where he was hired as director of design. Husted was an innovator, known for the uniqueness of his designs, which emphasized form over function. During his 10 years at Blenko, Husted created over 600 designs of glass pieces and created hundreds of others in the 50-plus years since he left the company.

After leaving Blenko, Husted relocated to the San Francisco Bay area and established Wayne Husted Design in 1972. According to his website – – he has enjoyed “a long and successful career as a product design consultant for many large and small U.S. and international corporations.”

Husted lives in Penn Valley, CA, with his wife, Linda. Now 90, he is still making glass art and working with glass studios nationwide to create new designs.