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Alfred University’s own Brother Earth set to compete at Showcase Tour

The quartet Brother Earth, whose members all have ties to Alfred University, takes the stage Wednesday evening (Jan. 31) for a competition sponsored by The Showcase Tour.

The Showcase Tour is a concert series and competition that travels to 20 different cities around the country. Brother Earth, comprised of three current Alfred University students and an AU alumnus, won the Showcase Tour competition in Queens last October. Winners are determined by a fan vote, and Brother Earth won the competition by more than 200 votes.

The winner of Wednesday’s competition in Newark, NJ, which runs from 8:30 p.m.-1 a.m., will be awarded a cash prize and the opportunity to perform again on the tour, all expenses paid. The winner will also have the opportunity to compete for the grand prize: participation in a 30-plus show all-expenses-paid tour of the United States.

The show will be streamed on the tour’s Facebook page and fans again will determine the winner of the competition. To vote, text BROTHEREARTH to 501-302-2124 during the show.

Members of the Brother Earth quartet are: Antonius Chess, a senior from Rochester, who is a geology and environmental studies major with a minor in biology; Frankie Irving, a junior from Brooklyn, who is majoring in criminal justice; Isaac Perez, a senior from Poughkeepsie, who is a mechanical engineering major with a minor in mathematics, and Quintin Reed of Hartford, CT, who graduated in May 2017. A political science major with a minor in philosophy, Reed was the recipient of a Marlin Miller Outstanding Senior Award.