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Alumnus book makes 2012 top 25 list

David Perlstein, author of SLICK! and AU class of 1966, won notoriety when Kirkus Review placed his work on its list, 2012’s Top 25 Indy Books.

Following retirement from life as a freelance advertisement copywriter Perlstein is finding success in his avocation – writing serious circumstances into enjoyably eye-opening fiction.

“I would say the most important thing is to entertain, to tell a good story so somebody can say, “Hey, I enjoyed that.” The second thing with a book like this is to tell a good story that has—I’m not talking about inspiring activism—but that might enlighten some people to take a look at the world with a slightly different viewpoint,” said Perlstein to interviewers at the Kirkus Review.

Kirkus Review is a lauded prepublication book review organization, which has been institutionalized by the literary community since its 1933 inception.

 “Its deft blend of thoughtfulness and humor, a telltale sign of successful satire earned the book an indie Kirkus star,” stated reviewers of the book in an article published on 

SLICK!, written and independently published by Perlstein makes satire out of a serious subject, volatility in the Middle East.

This geopolitical satire takes place in the fictional Moq’Tar with the main character, a career military man now retired and contracted to a private defense company, to guide readers through witnessing deadlock in the Middle East.  

A Westernized prince with an MBA from UC Berkley looking to turn his nation around thickens the plot. Due to succession discrepancies his plans of ruling fall victim to political quagmire.  With these pretenses Perlstein articulates socio-political issues ranging from patrimonial loyalties and assassination to democratization and the proselytism of a capitalist global initiative.

Perlstein is working on his latest book, “SAN CAFÉ,” another geopolitical satire, this one based in Central America.