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Join ‘Alums Along the Mohawk’

Alumni bikers will again arrive at the 2013 Alfred University Reunion - this year beginning from Albany, NY. The 2013 theme: “Alums Along the Mohawk.”

This will be a banner year. The size of the biking group has varied in past years from two to six; this year 12 bikers have already signed up! This includes everyone who has ever biked to the reunion since the first trip in 1998! A return rate like that is a definite sign of a good experience!

Biking to the reunion began in 1998 when Elliott Lasky ’58 and Russ Fahey ’58 biked from Colmar, PA to their 40th reunion. In 2008, for their 50th reunion, they repeated the trip and were joined by Andy Seaman 1’58 and Roger Eiss ’58.

In 2010, Andy and Roger recruited Jack Heims 1’60 to join them in a bike ride from Newburg, NY to Alfred. This was the “Tour de Alfred.” No longer starting from Elliott Lasky’s home town of Colmar, PA, Linda Rahl Nadas ’58 (ceramic design) hosted the kickoff luncheon and offered a tour of her studio. Other local alumni joined them for the event, including Robert Gropper ’83, aka “Bobby Salsa,” who added his salsa to the luncheon treats.  Also, for the first time, an alumnus in a city they passed through joined them for dinner in a restaurant near his home.

In 2011, alumni bikers (Roger, Andy, Dave Wilcox ’58, Barney Hart ’58, and Dave Perry ’61 biked from Lake Placid to the Reunion (joined along part of the way by Russ Fahey ’58). Georgia Jones ’58 played the role of local hostess in Lake Placid.  Several alumni met them to share a meal at favorite restaurants along the way.

Last year, 2012, Roger and Dave Perry were joined by a gang of youngsters: Jim Randall ’77, Dave Conrad ’76, and Dave Holleb ’77. They were the “Bikers from Mars,” beginning the trip in Mars, PA (getting their kickoff photo taken at the Flying Saucer in downtown Mars). Joe Stein ’58 was the local host and made the bikers feel very welcome.  Meeting at a restaurant with an alumna was also part of the good time.

After bike trips through four mountain ranges (Poconos ’98 and ’08, Catskills ’10, Adirondacks ’11, and Alleghenies1’12) the trip planners have decided that flatter is better.  Now they are at work organizing the 2013 trip, biking from Albany to Geneva (inspiring in the “alums Along the Mohawk” theme), then through the Finger Lakes region to Penn Yan and on to Hornell and Alfred.  Our local host in Albany will be Ange Muccigrosso, ’57.

In addition to the bikers of past rides, they already have signed up Mary Bouchard ’73 to join them.

Each year, as they approach Alfred, bikers living near Alfred join them for the final approach.  They especially welcome Ed Law ’58 who joins them each year on his 1930s vintage antique bike for the final couple of miles.  Ed has earned the distinction of being named “Sponsor” for the bike trip to recognize his enthusiastic support.

The schedule:

Friday, May 31: Arrival and Get Acquainted Dinner

Saturday, June 1: See the sights in Albany, test bikes, and ride kickoff dinner

Sunday, June 2: Albany to Amsterdam

Monday, June 3: Amsterdam to Utica

Tuesday, June 4: Utica to Weedsport

Wednesday, June 5: Weedsport to Penn Yan

Thursday, June 6: Penn Yan to Hornell (traditional end-of-ride dinner, joined by other AU alums, faculty, and staff)

Friday, June 7: Victory ride from Hornell to the King Alfred Statue at the center of campus!

Bike with them for all or part of the trip. Or join them for lunch or dinner as they pass through your area en route to the reunion.

For more information contact They'd love for you to share the experience.