Allen Riley artwork
Sep 03 - Sep 08, All Day

Allen RIley

IEA Sponsors Allen Riley September 3 - 8

I am a teacher, a video artist, and a video game developer. As a teacher, I create hands-on projects for K-12 students and adults that seek to build agency in the use of both tools and an understanding of their history. This informs my practice as a video artist and game developer, which is focused on creating contact points between people and the physicality of electronic and digital systems, with an emphasis on waveforms and patterns that occur in nature. I design interconnected live video systems that integrate with a location to become reactive and alter a person’s experience of that place. I further craft these environments through the creation of sculptural objects and shelters. It is important to me that my work functions as a real place and not as an image. It is a site of image production. My aim is to provide visitors with tactile entry points into self-reflection and dialogue regarding their own practices of media production and consumption.