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Exhibition presented in Partnership with the State University of New York and will travel to seven SUNY Campuses between Fall 2017 and Summer 2020

New York, NY – The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) is commemorating three decades of NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowships with the landmark traveling exhibition Artists as Innovators: Celebrating Three Decades of New York State Council on the Arts/New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowships. The fellowship program has supported more than 4,000 artists in various fields in the visual arts, literature, and performing arts at critical stages throughout their careers.

The artists in the exhibition are acclaimed and respected around the world, but what is less known is that they all received support from NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowships at crucial points in their careers. Curated by Judith K. Brodsky and David C. Terry with the assistance of Madeline Scholl, Artists as Innovators: Celebrating Three Decades of New York State Council on the Arts/New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowships will feature work by more than 20 NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellows who have gone on to record significant achievements in their artistic careers. The works on display will show how the fellows have addressed pressing and often controversial issues through their art, including racism, gender equality, sexual orientation, immigration, and globalization.

The Fosdick-Nelson Gallery will present Artists as Innovators in two installments.

Part One opens September 14 and will run through October 19, 2018 featuring: Ida Applebroog, Dawoud Bey, Sanford Biggers, Tara Donovan, Carroll Dunham, Marilyn Minter, Tony Oursler, Faith Ringgold, Martha Rosler, Dread Scott, Andres Serrano, Carmelita Tropicana, and Fred Wilson.

Part Two will open November 2 run through December 4 featuring: Elia Alba, Ross Bleckner, Wendell Castle, Chitra Ganesh, The Guerrilla Girls, Barbara Kruger, Christian Marclay, Lori Nix, and Shinique Smith.

Exhibition highlights include The Guerrilla Girls’ “How Women Get Maximum Exposure in Art Museum,” perhaps one of the most recognizable works of the feminist art canon. The feminist art perspective is further explored through the works of Ida Applebroog and Chitra Ganesh; both Applebroog’s “Winnie’s Pooh” and several works by Ganesh reference mainstream imagery in surprising, sometimes disturbing ways that highlight alternate articulations of femininity to the broader public. Other featured works include stills from Dread Scott’s “Money to Burn” performance on Wall Street, a transgressive act that questioned one of the foundations of the international economy. By burning one bill at a time and encouraging others to follow, Scott made physical what happens on stock markets around the globe every day. Dawoud Bey approaches social issues through a more intimate, anthropological perspective, displaying his photographs alongside the personal accounts from his sitters. Through these works and others, the exhibition makes clear that NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellows are no strangers to confronting taboos and constructing alternate realities that question established systems.

Artists as Innovators will be celebrated with a public opening on September 14 from 7 –9 time at the Fosdick-Nelson Gallery at Alfred University. Future stops include Marion Art Gallery, SUNY Fredonia; Burke Gallery, SUNY Plattsburgh; Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery, Stony Brook University; and Center for the Arts, Westchester Community College.

“The work in this exhibition shows how these influential artists interpret our times, questioning our values and prompting social awareness, but at the same time creating works of art that are innovative and full of visual power,” said Co-Curator, feminist visual arts advocate, and NYFA Board Chair Judith K. Brodsky.

“SUNY is proud to partner with The New York Foundation for the Arts and open its doors to all New Yorkers, so they can join us in being inspired by some of the most well-respected artists of our time,” said SUNY Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher. “Thank you to NYFA for its ongoing support of New York’s artists and to the SUNY campuses serving as hosts to this outstanding exhibit,” she added.

In addition to the visual artists in the exhibition, the roster of NYSCA/NYFA Fellows includes such significant figures as A.M. Homes, David Henry Hwang, Tony Kushner, Lynn Nottage, and Suzan-Lori Parks in theatre and literary arts; Todd Haynes, Spike Lee, and Mira Nair in film; Meredith Monk, Julie Taymor, and Yvonne Rainer in the performing arts; and Elizabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio in architecture.

Fellows from the School of Art and Design include: Peer Bode, Video 1986/2002; Xiaowen Chen, Printmaking/Drawing/Artists' Books 2003; Anne Currier, Crafts 1988/1993/1997; Andrew Deutsch, Video 1998; Sarah Ferguson, Printmaking/Drawing Artists' Books 2005; John Gill, Crafts 1988; Andrea Gill, Crafts 1998/1993/1997; Tony Hepburn, Crafts 1986/1990; Wayne Higby, Crafts 1995; Tom Lacagnina, Crafts 1995; Barbara Lattanzi, Video 1998; Mary Lum, Painting 1987; Sharon McConnell, Sculpture 2003; Walter McConnell, Sculpture 2001, Crafts 2005, Sculpture/Crafts 2014; Brian Oglesbee, Photography 1986/2004; Kevin Wixted, Painting 1998; John Wood Printmaking/Drawing/Artists' Books, 1990.

NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowships are administered with leadership support from New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

Funding for Artists as Innovators: Celebrating Three Decades of New York State Council on the Arts/New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowships is provided in part by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) with shipping support from Atelier 4.


Artists as Innovators: Celebrating Three Decades of NYSCA/NYFA Fellowships opening on September 14, and ending on October 19th, runs from 7-9 PM.


Fosdick Nelson Gallery

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