Johanna Herr
Oct 22 - Oct 27, All Day
Harder Hall

Artist In Residence Johanna Herr

Johanna Herr’s work explores direct and indirect manifestations of state-sanctioned violence. Specifically, she am interested in the spectacular quality of contemporary screen-mediated, media-enriched, consumerism-as-nationalism. I am fascinated by the inherent cannibalism of the consumer eye, destroying other lives to constitute its own, when capitalism acts as a sublime life-force. When certain bodies become non-human and video game controllers cause real casualties. When fireworks look like missile strikes, tear gas and police lights feel like dance club ambiance, and you can buy a war rug on While these phenomena are by no means unique to America, my recent body of work examines these issues through the lens of the US, a country where she is , both by birth and culture, inextricably entrenched.
Sponsored by: NYSCA and The Institute for Electronic Arts


Harder Hall

Harder Hall

This sprawling multi-million-dollar fine arts building provides space for Freshman Foundations, as well as shared studio space for sophomores, juniors and seniors working in ceramics, painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, graphic design, and video. At its core is a massive kiln room with 29 electric and gas kilns.

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