Artwork by Dave Jones
Nov 05 - Nov 16, All Day

Dave Jones

IEA Sponsors Dave Jones November 5 - 16

Dave Jones is a video artist and engineer who has been involved in the video art field since 1971, and has been developing image making tools almost as long. A couple of months after graduating high school he was helping to run a mixed-media performance troupe in Europe. The troupe, known as VideoHeads, performed shows that combined video, film, music, and theater. These shows were performed throughout western Europe in the early 1970’s. Image processing tools designed by Dave Jones are in artists studios around the world as well as the studios of several schools. Over the years Mr. Jones has become known for innovative and powerful video tools that let an artist explore the video signal. He has been recognized for his designs by being mentioned in Grollier’s Academic American Encyclopedia and Software Toolworks’ CD-ROM Encyclopedia under “Video Art”.