Dec 10, 10:30 pm - Dec 11, 12:00 am
Ade Dining Hall

Midnight Breakfast

Come to the Midnight Breakfast from 10:30 pm - 12:00 am on Monday, December 10.


Scrambled Eggs, Potatoes O'Brian, Sausage

Cheese Blintz with Toppings

Mac & Cheese Bowl with BBQ Chicken Bites and Toppings

Waffle Bar

Oatmeal & Grits

Fruit & Yogurt Bar


Ade Dining Hall

Ade Dining Hall

Ade is the largest dining hall on campus, with the main dining area and kitchen located on the upper floor, and with two smaller meeting rooms and a large open area for special events located on the lower floor. The upper dining hall was renovated in the 1990's and more recently, the lower floor was redesigned to add MidKnight Express, a cyber cafe/snack bar open late nights.

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