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Apr 06, 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Cohen Center
Gallery or Show Opening

Opening Reception Fitting In and Standing Out

Please join Fitting In and Standing Out artists Monica Duncan and Lara Odell for an opening reception of their exhibition.

Fitting In and Standing Out showcases a comprehensive sampling of Monica Duncan and Lara Odell’s work, starting with the collaborative pieces they created while at Alfred (they met in 2000, when Monica was a BFA student and Lara was working at the IEA as Technical Associate) and ending with their most recent individual projects. 

About the Artists:

Monica Duncan and Lara Odell began their working relationship and friendship at Alfred University in 2000, when Monica was an undergrad art student and Lara (BFA ’98) was the Technical Associate at the Institute for Electronic Art. Their first collaborative project, Antibodies (2002), was realized both at Alfred and the Experimental Television Center in Owego, NY.


Cohen Center for the Arts

Cohen Center for the Arts

Once a fraternity house, this turn-of-the-century Victorian house was converted to an art gallery on the first floor, Cohen Gallery, with apartments for visiting artists and faculty members on the second floor. In a newly constructed building behind the house is Cohen Studios, housing Freshman Foundation studios and wide-open, flexible spaces for various projects.

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