Print Clay Auction
Oct 17 - Oct 25, All Day
Gallery or Show Opening

Print/Clay Collective Auction

Print/Clay Collective Auction

Dates: Opening on 10/17, closing on 10/25 

Time: During Turner hours, same price sale on 10/24, reception opening 6-9

Location: Turner Gallery first floor 

Cost: Free to attend, artwork available for purchase. 

Sponsored by: Print Club and Clay Collective  

The AU Print Club and Clay Collective are combining our annual auctions together as one in the Turner Gallery this fall. We will be holding a silent auction, as well as a flat price sale of both print works and ceramics, and Print Club will likely hold a live auction during the opening as well. The opening will be held on the 24th between 6-9 pm.  

 We will email photos as we get donations, please let us know how many photos you are interested in and for what exact purpose.