Nelia Miller Poster
Feb 29, 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Miller Performing Arts Center, CD Smith III Theatre


Guest Artist Nelia Miller weaves together theatre, video projection, dance, and music in this solo performance.

Cetology ("see-TOL-oh-jee"): The study of whales.

Cetology turns the familiar stories of Moby Dick and Jonah on their heads by combining them into a single story. Told through the perspective of one woman, who is both Ahab's wife and Jonah's mother, Cetology brings an intimately personal perspective to the conversation around how women are expected to comport themselves and dampen their emotions to suit traditional constructs of romantic partnership and motherhood. Admission is free.

Nelia Miller is an interdisciplinary theatre creator and performer. She has performed in Chicago at the Museum of Contemporary Art and High Concept Laboratories with Mozawa and with MacArthur Award-winning director Erica Mott for her international multidisciplinary project, Mycelial. Nelia has created and performed work in Bonn, London, and Moscow. She studied opera and theatre at Loyola Marymount University, ensemble work with Katharine Noon and Ghost Road Ensemble in LA, theatre and multimedia with UK-based Anomic Theatre Company, and Coordination Technique with Polish director Grzegorz Bral.


Nelia Miller
Guest Artist