Basic Optics
Jun 28, 8:00 am - Jul 02, 5:00 pm
Lecture or Speaker

Basic Optics Summer Camp

June 28-July 2, 2020 Cost of Camp: $930.00 ($100 DEPOSIT DUE AT TIME OF REGISTRATION)

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Deadline May 1, 2020

The Program:
Ever wonder why you see your face reflected in the glass when you look out at the sky at night but when you look out during the day all you see is what’s outside? Ever wonder why you cannot see too well through fog? Ever wonder why objects can be different colors even though we are looking at them in the same light? This this is the camp for you; we will talk about what light is, how it interacts with materials and how that makes it look a certain way! And, we might even branch out very briefly into the light on the edge of our vision (UV and Infrared).


  • Light (EM radiation); what is it? And how much of it (what colors) can we see?
  • What happens to light when it finds materials? (e.g., reflection, refraction, transmission, scattering)
  • What material qualities control what happens to the light and why?
  • We will do some measurements and tests with light to see what happens when it interacts with materials to see what it looks like and why.
  • And, don’t worry – you don’t have to be a physicist to do this; we will explain stuff without equations!!! You just have to be someone who wants to know “why?”