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Jul 02, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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Student Motivation Online - Webinar with Beth Johnson

WEBINAR: Student Motivation Online with Beth Johnson (psychology), hosted by Kerry Kautzman (languages).

Distance learning presents both new and familiar challenges for student motivation and engagement. I'll explain several theories of motivation that are particularly relevant to learning, so that teachers can re/design their [online] course to increase student motivation. With each theory, I'll provide several ways that teachers might incorporate specific techniques or course components to maximize students' motivation in any learning modality, from face-to-face to fully online and everything in between. My goal is to demonstrate ways to employ theory-driven, evidence-based teaching approaches with online platforms and tools that save instructors time and effort over course design using trial-and-error. I will also have resources available for participants who want to learn more. 

JULY 2: Topic: Student Motivation Online - Webinar with Beth Johnson

Meeting ID: 994 2751 3722    Password: 040181