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Oct 29, 3:20 pm - 4:10 pm
Virtual Event--Via Zoom
Lecture or Speaker

Covid Stories: What the Pandemic Tells Us About Our World

How is CoVid-19 affecting your life? Who is it hurting the most? Common Ground will present a virtual panel discussion on Thursday, October 29, 3:20 - 4:10, covering the disparate impact of CoVid-19 on society. The panel will include faculty and distinguished alumni.

How is the pandemic affecting your life?  Who is it hurting the most?  CoVid-19 treats us all as potential hosts, so across all of society people are equally susceptible to the virus biologically. However, that does not mean that groups are experiencing the pandemic in a similar way. Front line workers are more exposed to infection. College students are trying to navigate safely in what has always been a very social environment.  Many elderly are virtually trapped in their homes. On Thursday, October 29, 3:20 – 4:10, Common Ground will host a discussion of the pandemic, focusing on the different ways the virus affects people's lives depending on their circumstances or social group.

Our panel is made up of faculty and distinguished alumni. 

  • Dr. Meredith Field is Alfred University’s new sociologist, specializing in rural sociology and women’s studies. She will focus on the impact of CoVid-19 on medical workers and on virus-related gender disparities.
  • Bryan Hill '90 is County Executive of Fairfax County, VA. He'll discuss how the pandemic and economic downturn have differentially affected various economic classes/races.
  • Yasmin (Green) Mattox '07 started Arkatecht in Rochester and was recently named Emerging Technology Professional Woman of the Year by Tech Rochester. She will talk about the impact of CoVid on working mothers.
  • Jericho Shackelford '13 double-majored in English and Political Science and lives in NYC. He will address the challenges he confronted when he contracted CoVid-19.
Information about the Zoom invitation will be in Alfred Today a few days before the event. Please join our discussion, and let us know how CoVid-19 has affected you and the people in your life.