This poster is four images, 3 of which are green and blue, around a landscape. in the top right image someone holds up the word "wonder" and in the top left there is an edited version of the poem "The Blue Jar"
Oct 12 - Nov 25, All Day
Gallery or Show Opening

Latvian Art Academy / Alfred University Transnational Project

"The Glass Object in an Environment." Participants are to choose an actual existing place or create it in a model. The students are then to create a glass object or objects connected to the chosen environment. This project can be presented by video, a performance, or by photo documentation.

"This educational project offers ample opportunities for the exchange of a multiplicity of ideas, expressions, and approaches. From its inception, this project is collaborative in nature and so will provide various points of view. Participants both in Alfred and in Riga will bring much to their chosen surroundings. What will be done, what will appear? It is interesting that everyone will set off in various directions but as we share this project experience, in the end it can also be seen as one work." -Michael Rogers, Artistic Associate, Alfred University