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Apr 07 - Apr 10, All Day
Miller Theater, Miller 2
Gallery or Show Opening

Suzette Who Set to Sea

An immersive theatrical installation walk through Miller and your imagination!

Is it an art installation? Is it a walking audio adventure? Is it even THEATRE?? Welcome to a theatrical installation with augmented reality, a walking tour through Miller and your imagination unlike any trip you may have been on before … welcome, in short, to Suzette Who Set to Sea, by Australian playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer … brought to you by a cast and crew of intrepid how-do-we-make-live-art-in-covid artpreneurs! First mate Conroy fights one-legged Pete because who wants to set to sea with a lady captain in charge of the ship? That’s just weird. So that captain tells a story—of shipwrecks and sea monsters and saving cities. And if you tell a story long enough, listen hard enough, it becomes your story too. And then, everything can change. This is the story of Suzette, who set to sea. It is also the story of being brave enough to step into your own true self, and your own special powers. Featuring Student Performances by: Howard Lang Aaliyah Lingard Lashay Santana Zulaikha Yusuff Kirstin Van Renselaar Milton Esliker Jade Tulk Charise Paschall And Student Designs by: Ronan Adams Marysia Josephson Katie Maher Daniela Marie Stage Management by: Monica Nowik


April 7th-10th in Miller 2 

4:00 - 8:00 pm Wednesday Thursday Friday

1:00 - 5:00 pm Saturday


Sign up in Advance in 20 minute time slots .