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May 01, 11:00 am - May 04, 4:00 pm
Gallery or Show Opening

Hollow Myth

MFA Thesis Exhibition

May 1st - May 4th

The thesis exhibition, “Hollow Myth,” by painting graduate Josh Green will be on display in the Fosdick-Nelson Gallery May 1 – 4. Josh will be showing alongside ceramic graduate Shauna Fahley. “Hollow Myth” consists of still life oil paintings on canvas and wood panels painted in the style of classical western realism. The still lives depict plaster sculptures and projected AI generated imagery. “I believe that the conflicts which are happening within me, in my search for meaning, are a direct reflection of what is happening in our culture on a larger scale. I bounce between the bleakness of science and its implicit philosophies of atheism, nihilism, and determinism, and alternatively to the irrational conformity to my inherited myths (i.e., Christianity, Capitalism, Liberalism, etc.). While myths offer order, they can blind us from reason and become tyrannical. So, I create images of my uncertainty in the medium of western oil painting, the medium that constructed and propagated the great myths of the past. The hollow mythology of my paintings is me simply stating my experience.”