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Sep 17 - Sep 24, All Day
Gallery or Show Opening

Suspended Light // Subversive Tension

Turner Gallery Show

The artists approach space from dimensional, performative, and interactive perspectives. Henry Jackson-Spieker responds to the physical boundaries of the gallery by altering and creating new surroundings and structures within the space. These surroundings are used to critique forms of societal structures through the use of multiples, tension, and physical manipulation. Felicity Machado investigates the relationship between tension and nature intimacy. Her work utilizes video installation to engage with the audience. She discusses the power of tension and the emotional transportation of light through visual video poetics and glass. Mollie McKinley’s sculptures honor the relationship between the immaterial (time) and earthen material (salt). Monoliths, typically architectural monuments to vertical power structures, are redefined as small, organic monuments to change and softness. Light, blown glass, and other materials create relational dynamics in rituals towards healing and transformation. All of these works address the overlap between the embodiments of light and suspension of tension in order to instigate criticality and curiosity.