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Oct 14, 12:10 pm - 1:00 pm
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Bergren Forum - Bob Myers - "Greenland is Melting"

The Bergren Forum is sponsored by the Division of Human Studies, The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Provost Office. For the time being, all presentations will be virtual, on Zoom. We will go back to in-person forums once the University considers this sufficiently safe. The Zoom links can be obtained by emailing Marilyn Saxton.

Bob Myers, "Greenland is Melting: Climate Change, Tourism, and Adaptation in the High Arctic"

Greenland is all over the news lately regarding the climate crisis, but there's more to the picture than unprecedented global warming. Bob Myers, Prof. of Anthropology, will discuss the complex issues that confront this huge island inhabited by few people.

Contact Marilyn Saxton for the Zoom link.