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Oct 26, 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Lecture or Speaker

East Meets West

Mark your calendar for the 9th East Meets West---Music monthly virtual concert & forum series Tuesday, October 26, at 8 p.m. EST. Our guests will be Dr. Mingmei Yip, ethnomusicologist, qin (traditional Chinese instrument) artist, writer, calligrapher, and painter, and Dr. Megan Eagen-Jones, musicologist, award-winning professor, and pianist with a broad range of interests including composition, architecture, humanities, physics, and German.

Dr. Mingmei Yip and Dr. Megan Eagen-Jones will talk about Literati Music in East and West. Literati qin music is the epitome of elegant, refined music in China. Whereas a similar equivalent in the West is music which connect with the divine and subliminal experiences. This event will be a lively and interesting dialogue between scholars representing two different musical cultures with distinct approaches to nature, subtlety of emotion, aggressive militaristic style, even wine culture. The guest musicians will perform qin and piano pieces to demonstrate these approaches.

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Dr. Mingmei Yip
Dr. Megan Eagen-Jones

This series is organized by the Confucius Institute at Alfred University (CIAU) and co-sponsored by the AU Performing Arts Division, the Music Department of China University of Geosciences, the Almond 20th Century Club Library, the Cuba Circulating Library, the Hornell Public Library, the David A. Howe Library in Wellsville, and the Wimodaughsian Library of Canisteo.