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Jul 03 - Jul 09, All Day

Alfred Summer Arts Week 2

Session 2 of Alfred Summer Arts begins July 3rd!!

Alfred Summer Arts 2022 features week-long arts workshops in a variety of media areas designed for participants working at all levels: artists, teachers, community members and visiting professionals.

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George Ferrandi // Be Coming Birds
sculpture / performance / collaboration

Using a gorgeous illuminated-paper technique traditional to Japanese parade sculpture, each participant will fabricate one, person-sized bird structure. Together, build a bouquet of Warblers, Waxwings and other Alfred-indigenous passerines! This workshop will teach the traditional “Nebuta” methods for building the wire frame, applying washi paper, patterning with a wax resist, and pigmenting with water soluble dyes. The resulting spectacular lantern sculptures can be carried or worn in the festival parade in Session 3. All levels; beginners encouraged.

James Levy Jr.
hiphop / dance

Introduction to the fundamental values, practices, and movements of hip-hop dance. Focus on foundations and origins of hip-hop and street dance culture and how each relates to today's current definitions of hip hop and freestyle dance. The class will be explored primarily through movement participation with choreography instruction and freestyle drills led by the instructor. Open to all styles and levels of movement.

Erin Law // Witnessing Emergence: Embodied Practice in Times of Uncertainty
movement / dance

In these swiftly changing times, how can we sharpen our expressive capacity, honoring our creative processes with curiosity, rigor, and play? This workshop is rooted in gentle somatic movement adaptable for anyone, sharpening our improvisational skills through various solo and group movement exercises. Will focus on themes of chance, emergence, witnessing (self/other/community/environment). All levels; beginners encouraged.

William Carty // Ceramic Science Workshop

Learn to formulate those glazes imagined in the mind’s eye. This intensive workshop will focus on discussions, calculations, interactions, and putting to test in kilns, information shared by one of the world’s leading ceramic engineers. Through lectures and demonstrations, Dr. Carty, who is known for leading work in ceramic engineering and for his witty give-and-take with studio ceramicists, will lead participants on a tour of the amazing and complex world of materials science and glaze calculation. Invent formulas, mix, and test fire glazes. Additionally, there will be time to discuss applications, cross share information, and solve some of those stubborn glaze defect problems.

Sketchbook + Idea Development

Through demonstrations, research, exercises, readings, and field trips, students will explore a variety of media and methods to provide creative solutions for image development. Participants will examine the sketchbook as both tool and unique object while emphasizing experimentation, iteration, and conceptualization. Open to all levels, no experience necessary.


The School of Art & Design + Performing Arts Division at Alfred University is pleased to offer a select number of workshop fee grants to Alfred students, alumni, and teachers. Apply by June 1. Recipients will be contacted with a unique code to use when enrolling. Contact: