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Jul 10 - Jul 16, All Day

Alfred Summer Arts Week 3

Session 3 of Alfred Summer Arts begins July 10th!!

Alfred Summer Arts 2022 features week-long arts workshops in a variety of media areas designed for participants working at all levels: artists, teachers, community members and visiting professionals.

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Jason Mitcham // Field Report: Painting on Site

Through direct observation of sites within the landscape students will explore a range of formal and conceptual concerns surrounding plein air painting. Workshop dialog will engage with light and color, pictorial strategies for painting on site, the notion of place, incorporating time when painting the landscape, the socio-political history of sites, as well as the history of landscape painting and its implications. Open to all levels.

Nelia Miller // Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The Interdisciplinary Collaboration workshop is an opportunity for artists from any discipline to gain experience collaborating with artists of different disciplines. Artists will be presented with a source material not of their choosing to provide common ground to begin their collaboration. Artists will be asked to create a piece of work as a collaborative group, inspiring and drawing from one another's artistic disciplines. The week will be dedicated to facilitated exploration leading towards a final display or performance at the end of the week. All are welcome.

Heidi Jensen // Listening and Composing with Acoustic Environments
Co-led with Jason Mullen

From the sound of birds intertwined with the hum of streetlights, to the constant flux of traffic with the buzz of cicadas, our sensory world is a counterpoint of sounds, full of melodies and information we often miss in our visually biased lives. This summer intensive aims to reintroduce us to our acoustic environment and to use the information toward creative ends. We will engage in readings, discussions, and field experiences in the natural world while learning basic recording techniques, culminating in individual and/or group sound compositions. Projects may take a variety of forms from: podcasting to sound art to song writing. All levels; beginners encouraged.

Deb MacCrea // Colors from Nature’s Gifts

Until the late 19th Century, all colors applied to all materials came from natural sources. Though heavily reliant on the plant kingdom, some were sourced from insects, marine mollusks or soil-borne minerals. But the color possibilities were (are) endless, reliably wash-fast and light-fast (with good technique) and awe inspiring! The week will begin with a visit to Deb’s lovingly tended garden where we’ll harvest some of our dyestuffs, talk about foraging potential, and learn some gardening how-to’s for growing your own dyeplants. Then we enter the studio and get cooking’. All levels; beginners encouraged.


The School of Art & Design + Performing Arts Division at Alfred University is pleased to offer a select number of workshop fee grants to Alfred students, alumni, and teachers. Apply by June 1. Recipients will be contacted with a unique code to use when enrolling. Contact: