Glitch Dolls, Glitch, Dolls, Digital Fashion, 3D, Analog, Video, Feedback, Datamoshing, Sonification, Creative Coding, Micah Alhadeff, TSI/Snodgrass Gallery, Expanded Media, Integrated Electronic Arts
Sep 13 - Sep 24, All Day
Harder Hall, TSI Harland Snodgrass Gallery
Gallery or Show Opening

Glitch Dolls

Micah Alhadeff

“Glitch Dolls” is a multi-channel video installation piece exploring the intersection of digital fashion and glitch processing techniques. I was inspired to create this series from my love for collecting vintage Ken Dolls. I wanted to play with modeling the dolls and their clothing, taking textures I created using different glitch processes. To create the textiles, I used digital and analog glitch methods including: analog video feedback, datamoshing, sonification, and creative coding. The dolls and their clothing are meant to evoke fantasy and the potential of digital fashion.

Micah Alhadeff is a 3D and glitch artist who explores the anatomy and “DNA” of digital representations of the body using glitch processing techniques. He uses 3D programming combined with augmented reality and virtual reality as both the tool and subject of these investigations. Alhadeff has shown his work at Colorado State University and Front Range Community College, and he has presented his scholarly investigations about clothing and queerness at the Denver Art Museum. Micah exhibits and sells NFTs of his work on, a cryptocurrency art marketplace on the Tezos blockchain. His collections have been featured in curated digital exhibitions of rare NFTs including “Can’t Touch It!” Alhadeff is an MFA candidate at Alfred University in Electronic Integrated Arts. This show will be on display in the Snodgrass/TSI Gallery until September 24th.