poster with event text repeating words "down the line" in shades of light green
Aug 23 - Sep 07, All Day
Harder Hall, Lobby
Gallery or Show Opening

Down the Line Exhibition, Chepertom - TSI/Harland Snodgrass Gallery

We are thrilled to introduce the work of glitch artist @chepertomz at TSI/Harland Snodgrass Gallery! The exhibit «down the line» is on display from August 23rd to September 7th. Additionally, we are privileged to showcase a screening of Chepertom's T̶e̶r̴r̴a̴ Cognita in our Immersive Gallery.

Chepertom is a digital and glitch artist from Brussels, Belgium. His work focuses on the manipulation of video data to create what is known as glitch art. This technique reveals the hidden processes of digital image production, showing the mechanisms that aim to to imitate reality.

This exhibition highlights the role of architecture in Chepertom's work, emphasizing the the fragility of structure through a deconstructionist lens. @arts_at_alfred @expanded_media_nyscc

Time Space Interface (TSI) Harland Snodgrass Gallery features a rotating series of exhibitions throughout the semester. The Gallery is located in the lobby level of Harder Hall on the Alfred University campus. Harland Snodgrass was founder of the Media Program in the School of Art and Design and was an original faculty member of the School’s Foundations Program. He served as professor of painting and video arts from 1969-85.