Student Affairs Assessment

Here are some changes we made because of student feedback:

(1) As a result of feedback from an alumni survey, we instituted the Dinner with Faculty program since so many alumni named that as a fond memory of their time at Alfred.

(2) Based on the Accessibility Services survey conducted in December of 2016, the Center for Academic Success invested in additional assistive technology to improve the note-taking assistance accommodation options for students with disabilities.

(3) Due to student feedback in the fall 2016 Opportunity Programs survey, we are building an H/EOP alumni database to be used to invite Opportunity Program alumni back to campus to engage with currently enrolled students.

(4) Based on the 2016-17 Team Learning Outcomes Survey, we initiated monthly equestrian team captains’ meetings to better identify team issues and meet their needs. As a result of these meetings, an exercise program was developed and implemented. The workout sessions encourage team bonding and a new standard for team fitness.

(5) A 2016 survey of student-athletes found that very few of them knew about our Saxon fundraising arm, “Friends of Saxon Athletics,” or the role they played in funding our sports teams. As a result, we changed the name to “Saxon Nation” and created a communication and incentive plan to get students involved. As a result, we had over 140 student-athletes join Saxon Nation this year!

(6) As a result of our 2017 Winter break survey, we determined there was a desire for additional community building to take place in the residence halls. In response, we have revamped our Residential Curriculum and will be reinstating our former "First 6 weeks" community building initiative.

Recent Projects

Consent and Respect Report 2017–2018: We provided an online education module to our incoming first year students on the subjects of consent and respect. Summary of results here.

AlcoholWise 2017: The Dean of Students' Office provided an education program to all incoming first-year students related to alcohol use and behaviors. View the Results.

Center for Academic Success Survey, Fall 2016: The Center for Academic Success’s survey measured students with disabilities’ satisfaction with accessibility services. View the summary.

Residential Experience Survey (1/16): We asked each student who lives on campus to complete this survey about residence hall facilities, programs, staff, and other aspects of living on campus. View the summary.

Student voting survey results from 2016 Presidential Election: The attached report from a national voting study summarizes AU eligible student voting behavior in the previous (2016) Presidential election.

Campus Climate Survey 2015 (4/15): We surveyed students with 60 items on the topic of sexual assault and violence to measure the extent of the problem, context of the incidents, the student’s views on disclosure and reporting, perceptions of overall climate of the university, knowledge of policies and re-sources, their experience with intimate partner violence, the readiness to help when observing an incident and confidence to intervene as a bystander. View the summary.

Alfred Experience awareness (9/14): Now that we have met the strategic goal of agreement on the AU Student Affairs Experience, we need to know if our staff is aware at all levels of the division. View a summary of our pre- and post-test results.

Student-Athlete Experience (5/14): The athletic director invited all graduating seniors to complete a survey sharing their experience as a student-athlete. View the summary.

Career and Professional Aspirations (5/14): We participated in a national study about utilization of the Career Development Center, outcomes of utilizing career-related information/advice, sources of career advice and the perceived helpfulness of that information. View the summary.

Residential Experience Survey (1/15): We asked each student who lives on campus to complete this survey about residence hall facilities, programs, staff, and other aspects of living on campus. View the summary.

Graduate Assistant Work-Life Balance and Satisfaction (12/13): We wanted to see how the GAs in our division liked their jobs, and how stress was affecting them as they balance work with being a student. View the summary.

Off-Campus Living Survey (10/13): We asked off-campus students to help us improve off-campus living seminars and to share some of their experiences off campus. View the summary.

Parent Orientation survey (8/13): We made some big changes to parent orientation this year. Parents were asked to tell us about their experiences during check-in day so we could see how well these changes worked. View the summary.

Equestrian Center recruitment value (5/13): English and Western riders, equestrian minors and boarders were asked to tell us what place the EC had in their decision to attend Alfred University. View the summary.

Student Employee work quality and diversity (5/13): We asked all the students who work in a Student Affairs department for their perceptions of whether they were having a quality work experience, so that we can make sure we’re giving you skills for the future. We also wanted to be sure that we were hiring a diverse student workforce. View the summary.

Mental Health Consortium Survey (4/13): We participated in a national study about student mental health, and received results specific to our campus as well as compared to the national study. View the summary.

Recreation and Fitness Study (3/13): We asked a sample of students to tell us about recreation, intramurals, and fitness programs on campus, and the impact of all those on their health. View the summary.

Thank you for taking our surveys! It matters.
Kathy Woughter, VP for Student Affairs