Student Affairs
Election 2016 and Executive Orders: Education and Responses

As transitions occur quickly in Washington DC following the election of a new President, we know there will be a variety of responses from our community ranging from fear and concern to those whose identities were targeted during the campaign and continue to be targeted, to those who are excited and eager to learn more about how new policies may impact their lives going forward. AU faculty and staff are pulling together a variety of programs to educate and support our students.

Letter to Faculty/Staff from President Mark Zupan
Letter to Students from Vice President of Student Affairs Kathy Woughter

On-Campus Events
Wednesday, February 22 - A roundtable discussion of contemporary politics at 5:15 PM in the Book End Lounge, Herrick Library. The focus of the discussions will be the scope of presidential powers.
Thursday, February 23 - Bergren Forum at 12:10 PM in Nevins, Powell Campus Center. It will be moderated by Dr. Emrys Westacott, Drs. Vicki Westacott, Bob Heineman, and Gary Ostrower and will discuss whether the Trump Presidency threatens American Democracy.

Resource Library (stay tuned for additional resources as we collect them)

For undocumented students/family members:
United We Dream
Immigrant Legal Resource Center
Black Immigrant Network
Northwest Immigrant Rights Project
UndocuBlack Network
Immigration Law
Higher Education Law Report

Recommendations for school administrators and counselors of undocumented students:
Scholarships (just a start)
Dreamer's Road Map (App on iOS and Android) Scholarship Lists

Which resources are in place that can be utilized?

  • If you are involved in, or witness, an act of violence or something that threatens the safety of our community: Public Safety – 607-871-2108
  • If you need assistance related to international student issues, contact Jeanne Marion,
  • If you experience or witness an act of bias on campus: The Bias Response form is available on; click “AU Report It.” Incidents can be reported anonymously, although please be aware that limits the range of responses.

What happened following the election?

  • The Institute for Cultural Unity hosted an open space after the election with faculty and staff present for anyone to drop in and just sit, or talk, or process their emotions, or even just grab some snacks.
  • Dr. Beach held a stress reduction yoga session at the Judson Leadership Center on Wednesday and Thursday. Yoga Classes continue MW 5:15-6:45 in the multipurpose room of the Joyce Walton Center (McLane annex).
  • President Zupan issued a campus-wide email on Thursday.
  • Women's and Gender Studies Roundtable took place on Friday to discuss the elections of this week and what they might mean for all of us.
  • The CLAS faculty, the AU libraries and the College of Professional Studies all issued a statements of support that were endorsed by their faculty.
  • A “Unity in Diversity” rally happened on Sunday at 1pm at the Bandstand, organized by the students of both campuses, to peacefully share views and rally against discrimination.
  • On Thursday, 11/17, our faculty and staff held a “Know Your Rights, Claim Your Rights” panel. This panel narrowly focused as a crash course for students and other attendees in terms of knowing about one's individual rights, resources, and how to protect or organize around civil rights. Stay tuned for similar panels as potential policy changes become clearer from Washington.
  • The Center for Student Involvement held an outreach event/community builder for Tuesday from 10 am – 2 pm where over 100 people chose to affirm our values by rejecting hate in its many forms. #RejectionRally
  • Information has been being provided to faculty and staff about establishing their offices as safe spaces for students who are simply in need of a good listener.
  • Modern Languages hosted its El Cafecito Multicultural Dinner on Wednesday, Nov 16, at 5:30 pm at the Language House.
  • The Institute for Cultural Unity hosted a post-it-note campaign in their space.
  • Peer Educators (Wellness Reps) are promoting self-care. In conjunction with the Wellness Center, they are planning a self-care day open to all as a reminder to treat yourself kindly and find ways to relax and de-stress. We also have multiple relaxation and self-care resources available at the Wellness Center Mind Spa. Since self-care is not just something to consider now, but is always useful during stressful times, we will also be holding a Mindfulness and Wellbeing workshop the beginning of December followed by a de-stress event held by the Wellness Center.
  • There will be some additional training and education sessions from our Green Dot Bystander Intervention team to increase awareness of the Green Dot program. This will help in making it clear that violence, harassment, discrimination, and bullying is not tolerated on our campus.
  • Muslim prayer space is available on Alfred University’s campus. Please contact Mawia Elawad at for access and details.