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Alfred University - Environmental Studies Students
"We cook together, we study together, we relax together, we go to class together - we've really made the Environmental House a house; a family of friends."

"We've all managed to contribute in one way or another, whether it be building a hut for people to get together in, or being in that hut talking about sustainable living."

Alfred University Environmental House in the Winter"Everyone has seemed to find their place and voice in the Environmental House."

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  • Summer 2011 renovations:
  • new bamboo flooring which is a sustainable material and great for insulation.
  • new bamboo furniture for the living room.
  • freshly painted walls in the living room and bedrooms
  • small hut art instillation project for relaxation
Alfred University Environmental House in the Winter

Living learning experience
The goal of the Environmental House is to practice, promote and teach an environmentally sound lifestyle. Through personal actions and community programs the residents of the house will promote a greater awareness of environmentally responsible living.

Located at 16 Park Street, the Environmental Studies House is situated on the south end of campus across from the Health and Wellness Center. The small greenhouse located to the left of the house makes this house easy to identify. Kanakadea Creek runs swiftly behind the house and there is an open lot to the right of the house for outdoor activities. The Environmental House is labeled 48 on the campus map.


  • 4 singles
  • 1 double
  • Fully furnished:
    • living area (refinished summer 2011)
    • dining area (refinished summer 2011)
    • full kitchen (refinished summer 2010)
    • 2 full bathrooms (refinished summer 2010)
    • washer and dryer
  • Community garden
  • Green house
  • Indoor and outdoor composting


  • Application process is open to all university students regardless of major.
  • Must demonstrate a willingness to live cooperatively and in an "environmentally friendly living," including being open to new ways of doing things, being careful not to waste energy or resources and to re-use or recycle all appropriate materials.

Examples of special events

  • Environmental discussion groups
  • Study and tutoring sessions
  • Visiting speakers
  • Garden program with local school children
  • Annual Environmental Studies Department end-of-the-year barbecue

Ready to apply?
Application: Fall 2013
Please turn in to Andrea Fioretto. Contact information below.

For more information contact:
Michele Hluchy
Environmental Studies/Geology
Hagar Professor Natural Science, Professor Geology