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Residence Life : First-Year Students

Freshmen ResidenceFirst-year residence halls are designed exclusively for new first year students. These halls are co-ed by floor (a floor of men and a floor of women) and have open visitation. The availability of single rooms for incoming first year students is very limited.

The traditional buildings for new first year students include Barresi, Cannon, Openhym, Reimer, and Tefft.

  • Barresi - Located closest to Ade Dining Hall, Barresi offers two floors of men and one floor of women. A large front lawn gives plenty of room for informal volleyball and football games. Barresi houses 75 students.
  • Cannon - Because of its size, Cannon offers a quieter community. It is located next to Barresi and offers two floors of men and one floor of women. It is our smallest residence hall housing 73 students.
  • Openhym - Located on the south end of campus, housing 150 students (two floors of women, one floor of men), Openhym offers new first year students the opportunity of choosing quiet study living.
  • Reimer - A total of 96 students occupy the three floors of Reimer Hall. Elevated from the campus, Reimer offers a view of the campus and is close to Ade Dining Hall.
  • Tefft - Located next to Reimer Hall, Tefft houses 96 students and offers a beautiful view.

Community Living
First year residence halls have programs that are geared specifically for the developmental needs of Alfred University's first year students. These programs offer students social and educational programs that allow for informal contact with faculty, staff, and fellow students, teaching students about campus resources and involvement opportunities, as well as addressing different issues that are applicable to first year college students' development.

Program topics have included: homesickness, roommate issues, time management, study skills, personal finance, campus involvement, wellness topics, service learning, goal setting, alcohol education and relationship issues.

Residence Hall Directors (RDs) in first year halls are supervised by the Area Coordinator for First Year Halls who is a master's level professional living on campus to assist in the daily operations of the first year residence halls and provide assistance to students as they adjust to college life.

A Resident Assistant (RA) is available in each living area or section. The RA is a current Alfred University sophomore/ junior/senior student who assists the Resident Director in fostering an atmosphere of individual and community growth. The RA is available to assist students with questions and problems and to help them become acclimated to their new environment.

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