Student Affairs
Senior Staff


Kathy Woughter, Vice President for Student Affairs, Phone: 607.871.2132, Email

Dr. Norm Pollard, Dean of Students, Phone: 607.871.2132, Email


Paul Vecchio, Director of Athletics, Phone: 607.871.2030, Email

Career Development Center

Amanda Baker, Director, Phone: 607.871.2164, Email

Dining Services

John Dietrich, Director, Phone: 607.871.2034, Email

Diversity Programming

Shakima Clency, Diversity Fellow, Phone: 607.871.2671, Email

Equestrian Center

Steve Shank, Director, Phone: 607.587.9012, Email

Powell Campus Center

Tricia Debertolis, Assistant Dean for New Student Programs, Phone: 607.871.2671, Email

Residence Life

Vicky Gebel, Director, Phone: 607.871.2186, Email

Public Safety

John Dougherty, Chief, Phone: 607.871.2108, Email

Student Activities

Phone: 607.871.2671

Wellness Center

Del Rey Honeycutt, Director, Phone: 607.871.2400, Email

Women's Leadership Center

Abby Griffith, Director, Phone: 607.871.2971, Email